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Elder Robin P. Terry, First Lady of Promise Land Church Ministries has been given a very unique vocation with a strategic call to teach God’s women to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Her practical yet biblical based style of teaching allows her to reach women right where they are in their walk with the Lord. As the head of the PLCM Women’s Ministry, Rev. Terry has taught numerous application principals geared toward helping women to grow and develop into strong women of God. In addition, her heart to reach women has trickled down to impact young girls, helping them to mature and grow in the natural things as well as spiritual. This ministry that God birthed through her, called “Daughters”, prepares girls ages 10-18, for their transition into womanhood. Reverend Terry continues to be a role model, teacher, preacher and mentor to women and girls of all ages, encouraging them and consistently reminding them that they are “good things”, precious in God’s sight.



Elder Robin Terry
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