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With salvation from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, anyone can be forgiven of their sin, be renewed in their mind and spirit, and be filled with the resolve to move forward in Christ. Just follow these simple steps:


The Vision of the Church

The vision God gave Promise Land Church Ministries came out of the book of Nehemiah when it was revealed how God’s people were suffering and dying at the hands of one another. This vision has multiple components which give instructions for PLCM's assignments in the body of Christ. Our vision is unfolded weekly in our Bible Study and Sunday Worship. 


Mission Statement

Our church mission is to provide a ministry where there is spiritual, administrative and financial excellence.  We are to ensure for each believer a safe passage from spiritual infancy to spiritual growth and maturity.  We must provide a safe place in this local assembly by equipping the saints of God to work the ministry.  Our ministry and mission is to provide a place where the spiritual, natural, financial, physical and emotional needs of God’s people can be met. 

What We Believe

In the One, True, Living God who is infinite in all things.  We believe He is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and that He manifests Himself in three persons.  God the Father is our Source, God the Son is the way to the Source and the Holy Spirit is our Director, Guide, Enabler and Helper.  We also believe that the Holy Spirit is equal in deity to the Father and the Son.  We believe that through the infilling of the Holy Spirit we are empowered to disassemble those things in our lives that are contrary to the Word of God and to assemble those things necessary to cause us to be effective members of the Body of Christ.

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